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NYT Lens Blog Update
rocio de alba
Apr 12, 2017
Hey amigos! So as a result of my new series There is a Crack in Everything" feature on The New York Times - Lens - Photography, something TRULY wonderful occurred! I was contacted by She Recovers in NYC, a women's organizations focused on women in recovery from various addictions. There are two chapters, one in Canada and now New York. They will be holding a sold out convention gathering over three hundred women in recovery right here in New York coming in May!!!!

Anyway, I was head over heels to receive a call from the organizers inviting me to exhibit and perform an artist talk during their convention!!!! Unfortunately it's a sold out event. But don't fret my "sisters," if you want to watch and listen to the keynote speakers segment, you can purchase a ticket to their LiveStream. One of the speakers is Elizabeth Vargas from 20/20, who is quite open about her alcohol addiction. There will also hold Yoga classes, prevention lectures and art exhibitions focusing on projects like mine. I will have an entire space of my own!! My heart is filled with gratitude to discover and meet MORE women in long term recover I KNEW were out there. Again, thank you so much David Gonzalez and James Estrin for the opportunity. And a nice shout out to Evelyn Nieves for her beautiful article.

If you would like to purchase tickets for the LiveStream, please follow the link above; and thanks for taking the time to read this.